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About us

Henan Like Food Machinery Co., Ltd. Have 9 Years Experience for Vegetable and Fruit Processing Machine Line, can offer:

Various Vegetables and Fruits WASHING & CLEANING Machines System
Vegetables and Fruits CUTTING Machines System
Food, Vegetables and Fruits DRYER & DRYING Machines Sytem
Multi Function Food/Grains GRUSHING & GRINDING Machines System

Full Automatic Weighing Food PACKING Machine System(Multi Function)

You can find ONE-STOP SOLUTION for Food, Grains, Vegetables and Fruits.

Like Our Machinery, Like Your Life Style!!!


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Contact: Adora

Phone: 0086 177 6073 1685

Tel: 0086 177 6073 1685

Add: High-tech Development District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China.